Role Reversal – The Engine of Psychodrama

Rantings and Ravings

Role reversal is the engine of psychodrama and is the most important and difficult technique to master. It is also the tool that trial lawyers familiar with psychodrama use most often.

You go through life with only your set of eyes and your perspective on life’s events. Role reversal is the technique of stepping into the role of another. It requires that you give up your own position and temporarily leave yourself to occupy and experience the role of someone else. Initially, you play the role by imitating what you have heard and seen the other person say and do. Ultimately, you progress to exploring the role itself by bringing your universal life experiences to it.

When you successfully reverse roles with another person, you have an opportunity to see life through that person’s eyes, even if only momentarily. You feel like him, think like him, and act like him…

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18 Correctional Officers Indicted

Maryland Scandal-80 Indicted-18 Correctional Officers

The prosecutors also alleged that the guards would warn inmates of planned searches of their cells and would disclose which inmates were providing information about other inmates to prison officials. With this disclosure, the “snitching” inmates could be punished by the inmates participating in the smuggling scheme.

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Security and Privacy from the Police

Tip for Computer Safety: Download Qubes OS -Qubes operating system is used by some of our greatest civil rights patriots and Edward Snowden has said that he uses it to maximize the security of his work while on the computer. It is freeware and there is a 30 minute video on their webpage that fully explains why this is a worthwhile tool for anyone who worries about being hacked or just does not appreciate having their privacy invaded by anyone.Click on the link here for a Video tour of Qubes free and safe OS for computer privacy